Let's make a DIY Ink Pad!

Here’s a little peek at the DIY ink pad I made to coordinate with “Merry Little Christmas”. 

Top to bottom: 

1. Lumberjack Plaid only

2. 60% Lumberjack Plaid 40% candied apple 

3. Add 10 drops Picket Fence + 7 drops Spun Sugar 

4. Spun Sugar base, add 3 drops Candied Apple; and squirt of Picket Fence to get a medium pink 

5. Line bottom with Spun Sugar. 

Use a scraper multiple times to work the ink into the pad! 

Let sit 30 min before using! 

Warning: be sure to shake bottles before using, and make sure the lids are all the way on when shaking!!

You can come up with your own color combos using this same type of formula based on the depths of the tones & shades you are desiring. Give it a try!

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