Save 20% off Red, White, Blue Color Collective Collection
Save 20% off Red, White, Blue Color Collective Collection

Stop The Blur

A monthly class subscription made to spark inspiration for memory keeping.

Stop The Blur

Join the Stop the Blur subscription and receive access to a monthly class that focuses on using your planner to document your days. I will bring you along as I work in my planner and show you my favorite tips and tricks for capturing these moments in a creative and fun way.

Each month you'll receive a process video that includes a look at how I've documented my past weeks, three "try this" tips to keep your spreads feeling new and fresh, and printable art you can use in your own planner. With these classes you'll stay inspired and motivated during your memory planning journey so you can unlock your favorite moments time and time again.

Order by June 15th at 11:59 AM ET to receive this Stop The Blur.

  • About Stop The Blur+
    • New lessons released on the 15th of every month.
    • Creative ideas and tutorials to inspire your memory planning.
    • New printable art designed to be used in your memory planning projects each month.
    • Unlimited access to classes so you can be creative anywhere.
    • Subscribers will receive and be charged for their first month's subscription at the time of purchase. After that, subscribers are charged on the 18th of every month.
  • Check out this month's class!+
    • Access to Heidi's May 2024 Stop the Blur classroom.  
    • Process video from Heidi––get an insider look at how Heidi puts her weeks together.   
    • Three technique videos sharing fun ideas to use in your memory planner - this month you will learn to create a phone pic pull, sign spin, and a ghost photo stack.
    • An exclusive printable designed by Heidi + ideas on how to use it.

Why Subscribe?

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